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I am experienced in mixing on a large array of consoles, e.g. SSL, Calrec, Yamaha, Avid Icon and Venue as well as various DAWs. I would welcome the opporunity to work with your company to produce outstanding audio for your project.

I have a huge SFX library of royalty free sounds to enhance your programmes and extensive knowledge of video production and the processes involved.

What I can offer

I have a lot of experience mixing live music for television both in the studio and at festival. I was sound supervisor on 6 series of Rapal, a music show in the style of 'Later', filmed as live for BBC Scotland. I mixed 2 series of Fon Mo Bheatha, a traditional music and chat show for BBC Alba. For the past two years I have mixed the Hebcelt Island stage live to air for BBC Alba. 

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